SAT NAV VISOR Detailed Description

Sat Nav Visor

This Satellite Navigation Visor helps prevent light reflecting onto the screen and inhibiting your vision of the maps.

It is made from 1.5mm Matt Black Pinseal ABS sheet and fits easily with strips of hook and loop (Velcro) supplied on each side and is very stable once fitted.

I have hand crafted this in my garage for my own GL1800 2013 and after a few riders asking where it originated from I have decided I could produce this product at a reasonable price for anyone interested.

Initial fitting can be done in less than a minute (make sure surfaces are clean and free from grease and polish)

Removing and refitting can be done in a few seconds.

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These pictures show the fitted product


These pictures show the view of the Satellite Navigation System before and after the visor has been fitted

before visor      after visor


The Visor is suitable for the Honda Goldwing GL1800 2007 - 2017